Appliances & Cookware

Small Appliances, Cookware Pieces, & Cookware Sets

At The Kitchen Company, we have all the basics covered for your small appliance and cookware needs. Our space is limited so we purposely choose to carry only the brands that we feel offer the best value at the best price.

Our selection is based on reliability and customer satisfaction. We attend trade shows regularly to help stay on top of what is new and trending. The selection in our store reflects a mix of what we have found to be ‘old favorites’ as well as items with newer technological advances. We even have traditional AND electric fondue sets as well as raclette sets. Who doesn’t love some melty cheese on bread?

Our appliance selection is every day priced at the manufacturer’s MAP (minimum advertised price). If you find the exact same product advertised anywhere else for less, be skeptical. Often, our prices are lower than other major stores that offer similar products.

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Small Appliances


On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.


  • Juice Fountain Plus
  • Juice Fountain Elite
  • Citrus Press Pro
  • Fresh & Furious Blender


  • Die-Cast Smart Toaster – Long-slot 4-slice
  • Die-Cast Smart Toaster – Compact 2-slice
  • Die-Cast Smart Toaster – 4 extra-wide slots

Toaster Ovens:

  • Mini Smart Oven
  • Compact Smart Oven
  • Smart Oven
  • Smart Oven Air
  • Smart Oven Pro

Coffee Grinders:

  • Smart Grinder Pro

Coffee Machines/Tea Machines:

  • Grind Control
  • Milk Cafe Milk Frother
  • Tea Maker



On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.


  • Compact Stainless Toaster – 4 slice CPT-180
  • Classic Metal Toaster – 2 slice  CPT-160
  • Leverless 4 Slice Toaster CPT-440
  • Leverless 2 Slice Toaster CPT-420

Toaster Ovens:

  • Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler TOB-40
  • Toaster Oven Broiler with Convection TOB-60
  • Toaster Oven Broiler
  • AirFyer Toaster Oven TOA-60

Coffee Grinders/Grinders:

  • Grind Central Coffee Grinder DCG-12
  • Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Grinder
  • Nut & Spice Grinder SG-10

Coffee Machines:

  • PerfecTemp 12 Cup Coffeemaker DCC-2900
  • PerfecTemp 14 Cup Coffeemaker DCC-3200
  • Programmable Termal Coffeemaker – 10 cup  DCC-2750
  • Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker – 12 cup DCC-3400
  • Programmable Coffeemaker – 14 cup
  • Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker – 12 cup
  • Programmable Espresso Maker EM-200
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker 7 Cup DCB-10

Mixer & Blenders:

  • Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender CSB-75
  • Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender
  • SmartPower 7 Speed Eelctronic Blender
  • 7 Speed Hand Mixer HM-70
  • 9 Speed Hand Mixer HM-90

Food Processors:

  • 14 Cup Food Processor DFP14
  • Prep 11 Plus 11 Cup Food Processor
  • Prep 9 Plus 9 Cup Food Processor DLC-2009
  • Mini Prep Plus 4 Cup Food Processor DLC-2A

Cookers/Hot Appliances:

  • 3 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker PSC-350
  • 4 Quart Multi Cooker MSC-400
  • 6 Quart Multi Cooker MSC-600
  • 4 Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer CRC-400
  • 8-15 Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer CRC-800
  • 6 Quart Pressure Cooker CPC-600
  • Fresh Steamer Glass STM-1000
  • Griddler GR-4N
  • Griddler FIVE GR-5B
  • Grill & Panini Press GR-11
  • Egg Central
  • Electric Fondue Pot – CFO-3SS
  • EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker CPM-100
  • PerfecTemp Cordless Programmable Kettle CPL-17
  • Compact 2 Quart Deep Fryer CDF-130
  • Double Belgian Waffle Maker (round) WAF-F20
  • Four Slice Belgian Waffle Maker (square)
  • Classic Waffle Maker WWR-CA


  • Ice Cream Sorbet Maker 1.5 Qt
  • Ice Cream Sorbet Maker 2 Qt
  • Ice Cream & Gelato Maker
  • Pulp Control Citrus Juicer CCJ-500
  • Electric Meat Grinder MG-100
  • Kitchen Pro Food Slicer FS-75
  • Counter Top Double Burner
  • Counter Top Single Burner
  • Electric Wine Opener CWP-25
  • Warming Tray CWT-100
  • Shredder/Slicer/Spiralizer SSL-100

2024 UPDATE:

KitchenAid has chosen to only deal with ‘big-box’ stores and has chosen to cut ties with independent stores like ours. When our current stock of anything KitchenAid is gone, we will not be able to replenish it.

Vita Mix

On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.

  • Ascent Series A2300
  • Ascent Series A2500
  • Ascent Series A3300
  • Ascent Series A3500
  • CIA Professional Series
  • Profesional Series 500
  • Professional Series 750



On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.


  • Home Bakery Maestro
  • Home Bakery Virtuoso
  • Home Bakery Supreme
  • Home Bakery Mini Bread Machine

Rice Cookers:

  • Rice Cooker Warmer 10 cup
  • Rice Cooker Warmer 3 cup




On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.

Zavor Multi Cookers:

  • LUX LCD Multi-Cooker 4 Qt
  • LUX Edge Multi-Cooker 4Qt
  • LUX Edge Multi-Cooker 6 Qt
  • LUX LCD Multi-Cooker 8 Qt
  • LUX Edge Multi-Cooker 8 Qt


  • 12″ Electric Skillet
  • Cordless Crepe Maker
  • Four Square Belgian Waffler
  • Four Square Waffler
  • 12″ Griddle and Crepe Maker


  • 2-In-1 Rice/Slow Cooker 6 cup
  • 2-In-1 Rice/Slow Cooker 8 cup

Chef’s Choice:

  • Gourmet Egg Cooker
  • Classic WafflePro Square Belgian
  • PizzellePro Express Bake
  • KrumKake Express
  • WaffleCone Express
  • Cordless Compact Electric Kettle
  • Cordless Electric Kettle
  • Cordless Electric Hot Pot


  • Yogurt/Greek Yogurt Maker by EuroCuisine
  • Donvier Ice Cream Maker Sorbetiere by Cuisipro
  • NutriMill Plus Home Flour Mill by L’Equip
  • Dyhydrators by Excalibur


Stainless Steel

On any given day, we have most of the following stainless steel cookware in stock.

by Heritage Steel:

  • Fry pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Stock Pots
  • Sauciers
  • Wok
  • Rondeau Pans
  • 5-Piece Set
  • 7-Piece Set
  • 10-Piece Set

By Viking:

  • Fry Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Stock Pots
  • 5 Piece Set
  • 7 Piece Set
  • 10 Piece Set

By Cuisinart:

  • Classic Sauce Pans
  • Pour Sauce Pans
  • Classic Skillets
  • Skillets w/Lids
  • Classic Saute Pans
  • Stir Fry Pans
  • Stockpots
  • Asparaus Steamer
  • Steamer Set
  • Double Boiler Insert
  • 7 Piece Set
  • 11 Piece Set
  • 17 Piece Set


  • Egg Poachers
  • Fish Poachers
  • Multi Cookers
  • Butter Warmers
  • Double Boilers
  • Stock Pots
Enameled Cast Iron

On any given day, we have most of the following items in various sizes in stock.

by Staub:

  • Tea Kettle
  • Fry Pans
  • Wok/Perfect Pan
  • French Ovens
  • Round Cocottes/Dutch Ovens
  • Oval Cocottes/Dutch Ovens

in these colors:

  • Basil
  • Grenadine
  • Cherry
  • Cinnamon/Burnt Orange
  • Turquoise
  • Dark Blue

By Le Creuset:

  • Skillets
  • Saute Pans
  • Sauce Pans (open & covered)
  • Braiser
  • Round Dutch Ovens
  • Oval Dutch Ovens
  • Oval Dutch Oven with Grill Pan Lid
  • Grill Pans
  • Tagine
  • Balti Dish
  • Signature Roaster

in the these colors:

  • Cerise
  • Marseille
  • Flame
  • Artichaut
  • Shallot
  • Caribbean
  • Flint
  • Oyster
  • Deep Teal (discontinued)
  • Rhone
Cast Iron

On any given day, we have most of the following items in various sizes in stock.

by Finex (made in Portland Oregon):

  • Skillets
  • Grill Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Dutch Ovens

By Lodge (made in America):

  • Skillets (5″ to 15″)
  • Chef Skillets
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Grill Pans
  • Griddle Pans
  • Double Sided Grill/Griddle Pans
  • Mini Servers – Oval and Round
  • Servers – Oval
  • Woks
  • Fajita Sets
  • Lids

Bakeware by Lodge:

  • Muffin Pans
  • Aebleskiver Pans
  • Cornbread/Scone Pans
  • Cornstick Pans
  • Round Baking Pans

On any given day, we have most of the following items in various sizes in stock.

by ScanPan Classic – Made in Denmark (with Stratanium non-stick) :

  • Fry Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Grill Pans
  • Griddle Pans
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Stock Pot
  • Casserole/Stew Pot
  • Woks
  • Omelette/Crepe Pans
  • Aebleskiver Pans
  • Blini Pans
  • 5 Piece Set
  • 8 Piece Set
  • 11 Piece Set

By ScanPan CTX – Made in Denmark (with Stratanium non-stick)

  • Fry Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Woks
  • 10 Piece Set

By Woll Diamond Lite & Pro Lines – Made in Germany (with proprietary non-stick):

  • Round Fry Pan
  • Square Fry Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Stock Pots
  • Casseroles
  • Crepe Pans
  • Grill Pans
  • Roasters
  • Woks
  • 10 Piece Set
  • 10 Piece Set (induction)

By Henckles (with ceramic nonstick):

  • Fry Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Perfect Pans
  • 7 Piece Set
  • 10 Piece Set

By Evaco/Cast – Made in South Korea (with Ceramica-ART non-stick)

  • Fry Pans
  • Stir-fry Pans
  • Saucier
  • Omelette Pans

By Zyliss (PFOA-free non-stick and metal-utensil safe, dishwasher friendly, induction ready)

  • Fry pans in 8″ and 10″

By Kyocera (proprietary non-stick ceramic technology is PTFE-free, PFOA-free, cadmium-free, induction ready, oven safe to 400F)

  • Fry pans in 8″, 10″, and 12″

By Kuhn Rikon

  • Fry pans in 20, 24, and 30 cm
Carbon Steel & Ceramic

On any given day, we have most of the following items in various sizes in stock.

by DeBuyer – Made in France:

Carbone line = This is a professional quality, thick iron ACIER CARBONE range; undeformable, it is perfect for use on all intense sources of heat, including induction. The handles are firmly fastened with rivets. The utensils in this range are guaranteed coating-free. Like all iron fry pans, carbon iron utensils must be seasoned and become naturally non-stick the more they are used.

Mineral B line = The iron MINERAL B fry pan: a 100% natural material with protective beeswax finish. It is guaranteed coating-free (no PFAO or PTFE). No added chemicals and made with an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Robust, recyclable and professional product. The fry pan reaches high temperatures and quickly seals food, thereby preserving vitamins and nutrients. Ideal for sealing, browning, grilling. seasoning: the more you use the fry pan, the better it cooks. The blacker it gets, the less it sticks.

  • Fry Pans

  • Crepe Pans

  • Chef Pans

By Emile Henry – Made in France:

FLAME Ceramic line = Created for use directly on the heat (gas, electric, or halogen, FLAME® cookware can also be used in the oven, microwave, or on the barbecue grill. Ceramic cookware is an excellent heat diffuser, allowing the food to gently cook while locking in flavor and nutrients.

  • Dutch Ovens

  • Braisers

  • Soup/Bean Pots

  • Upright Chicken Roasters

  • Tajines

  • Potato/Bread Pots

  • Tarte Tatin Sets

  • Pizza Stones
  • Barbeque Stones