Barware & Barbecue

Barware & Barbecue

We carry a pretty good selection of wine glasses and accoutrement for the wine enthusiast as well as a few really great beer and cocktail glasses.

Our barbecue section is filled with anything you need to host a great barbecue party–we have everything from bamboo skewers to high-tech thermometers.

Our selection is based on reliability and customer satisfaction. We attend trade shows regularly to help stay on top of what is new and trending. The selection in our store reflects a mix of what we have found to be old favorites as well as items with newer technological advances.



Wine & Bar Glasses

On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock.

Wine & Bar Glasses

By Riedel

  • Vinium
  • O to Go
  • The Big O

By Nachtmann

  • Shu Fa Whisky and Longdrink

By Schott Zwiesel/Fortessa

  • Paris
  • Convention
  • Jupiter (colored glass)
  • Forte
  • Beer Basics
  • Diva Decanter
  • CRU Classic
  • Pure



Wine & Bar Accessories

On any given day, we have most of the following items in stock. If you are looking for a particular item or brand, give us a call.

  • Corkscrews and cork pullers
  • Vacuvin bottle stoppers and pumps
  • Champagne openers and stoppers
  • Ice cube (traditional and silicone)
  • Decorative bottle stoppers
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Cocktail strainers
  • Wine charms and glass markers
  • Drinking straws in glass, stainless steel, silicone, and paper
  • Straw cleaning brushes
  • Wine and whiskey decanters
  • Decanter cleaning brushes
  • Wine pourers and stoppers
  • Foil cutters
  • Decorative stir sticks and cocktail picks
  • Wine carrying bags for decoration or to chill


BBQ & Roasting

Our barbecue section shares space with our ‘roasting’ section. We’ve found that Oregonians like to use their barbecues and grills all year so the section of our store devoted to barbecuing and roasting is always stocked with things to fill those cooking needs.

You’ll find:

  • barbecue tools (tongs, turners, flippers, brushes, basters)

  • spices and rubs

  • smokers (stovetop) and accessories

  • grill and onion goggles,

  • meat claws

  • burger presses

  • presses for bacon and burgers

  • baskets for veggies and fish

  • roasting racks

  • roasting pans

  • turkey bags

  • basters and injectors

  • cotton twine

  • beer can chicken roasters

  • blooming onion tools

  • turkey and lamb frills (you know, those little white things on the turkey legs)

  • and more!