Knife Sharpening Event

Knife Sharpening Event

Mark your calendar!!

This Friday (12/13/2019) we are hosting a knife sharpening event at the store. We will be having a representative from Work Sharp Sharpeners on hand from 11 am to 4 pm demonstrating their exclusive line of culinary blade sharpeners.

Work Sharp Sharpeners is located in Ashland Oregon. They offer electric blad sharpeners that can handle any brand of knife and any type of blade, including serrated and scissors.

Join us this Friday the thirteenth and get ONE blade sharpened for FREE!

This is a brand that we carry on a regular basis and there will be additional models on sale during the event.

See you there!

Successful Annual Knife Event 2019

Successful Annual Knife Event 2019

Wow! What a fabulous day it was today at The Kitchen Company! We hosted our annual knife event sponsored by Wusthof and were lucky enough to have THREE knife experts in the house! A huge THANK YOU to Executive Chef Mike Garaghty and Knife Expert Hank Allen, both from Wusthof, and to Bruce Bochman, local expert knife maker located right her in Grants Pass Oregon.

Not only were there some incredible savings on knife purchases, but we were also treated to expert advice on a huge selection of Wusthof knives. Not only could you ask all your burning knife questions, but there was an opportunity to try all the knives on display.

We were treated to roasted turkey sliders courtesy of Becky Bochman (turkey roaster) and Chef Mike (turkey carver). Chef Mike all gave some great tips on roasting a turkey. Did you know that the “rest” period after roasting is critical? How about the type of pan in which you roast your turkey? A low-sided pan (like the baking sheets that were part of last month’s giveaway) coupled with a rack, allows air to flow all around the turkey which allows for more even cooking on the lower portions of the bird. Meaning that the thighs and legs get cooked before the breast meat gets over cooked!

All in all, it was a great day. Thank you to the folks who patiently waited in line for their knives to be sharpened, or at the check out when the lines were long-ish, or at the knife stations where there we a lot of folks wanting to ask questions and try out the knives.

Below are some images from the event. Just click and image to enlarge it and scroll through the gallery.


Annual Knife Event 2019

Annual Knife Event 2019

It’s that time again!

Our annual Wusthof Knive event featuring Executive Chef Mike Garaghty and Knife Expert hank Allen, both from Wusthof, will be on-hand to demonstrate the proper usage of select knives. Also in the store, you’ll find local knife maker Bruce Bochman doing sharpening demonstrations. Bring your knives in to be sharpened by an expert–the first one is FREE! They don’t have to be Wusthof knives to be sharpened but after trying some you might want to upgrade!

If you attended last year, you’ll remember how fun and informative it was to see Chef Garaghty craft lovely, edible creations from apples and strawberries. We’re not certain what he has in store this year but you’ll find if you visit during the event. Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 19, 2019, from 11 am to 3 pm and then come visit us at 301 SE 6th Street to see the latest Wusthof knives in action by a seasoned pro.

You’ll also enjoy One-Day-Only discounts on select knives.

Did you attend last year? Let us know in the comments below what you thought.