This article is part of our series on non-stick cookware.

Evaco/Cast Ceramica ART fry pans and stir fry pans are finely balanced between comfortable weight and cooking performance. They are cast in one solid piece of aluminum with extra weight at the base and tapered sides in a lighter gauge. The pans cannot warp and may be cleaned in the sink, hot off the stove. They are also dishwasher safe.

Features unique to these pans include asymmetrical sloping rims (that facilitate tossing and flipping of the ingredients) and heat-absorbing base-grooves. The grooves make the pans one step more energy efficient on gas flames. Also, the bases are magnetized so that the pans work on ALL cooktops – including “induction”.

Since aluminum is a superb heat-conductor with rapid and even heat-distribution (quite similar to solid copper), the “medium” heat-setting is sufficient for most cooking purposes. But these pans can withstand temperatures up to 900F which is very helpful for fast, hot stir-frys and for people who tend to cook on too high a temperature on a regular basis.

Cook faster, they said. Use higher heat, they said. It won’t hurt your pans, they said. They were right! But ONLY with Evaco/Cast pans!

Metal tools are forbidden. Use instead wood, bamboo, silicone, nylon, or heat-resistance plastic.

Ceramica-ART is made from purified sand, rock and ceramic. The non-stick surface cleans in seconds and has a heat-tolerance of over 900° Fahrenheit (nearly twice that of PTFE non-stick, aka Teflon) and the highest in the non-stick industry. With the right tools and treated properly, Ceramica-ART will provide many years of easy cleaning.

No gasses or fumes are ever emitted at ANY cooking temperature. The non-stick contains none of the components used for making PTFE non-stick and is safe for unrestricted food-storage, dishwashers and aerosol cooking sprays. Ceramica-ART non-stick is a non-porous glass surface that tolerates rapid cooling and heating. Its fine “food release” properties are the result of an ultra-smooth surface. To retain maximum food-release properties, never using metallic tools or abrasive scouring pans (scouring pads approved for non-stick are fine). Most sticking issues are caused by failure to clean with soap after each and damage to the non-stick by metal tools and metallic scouring pads. The pans are superb conductors of heat and too high heat is also a common reason for sticking.


For more information about use and care, visit their website HERE.


  • Made of durable ceramic non-stick over a forged aluminum core
  • Oven save to 380F
  • No metal utensils
  • South Korean brand made in South Korea
  • Induction ready
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe to 900F (on the stove)