Food & Condiments

Food & Condiments

We carry a good selection of locally made and brand-name condiments, oils, vinegars, pickles, salts, peppers, and spices including saffron and smoked paprika for your next batch of paella. Did I mention that we carry the rice and paella pans, too?

We carry a fair amount of food and condiment items in the store—most of which have made their way into our inventory because one of us has enjoyed the product and wanted to offer a place to make it available to our customers.

We have products from

  • Stonewall Kitchen (mainly sauces and dressings and pickled items)

  • Aardvark (hot sauces)

  • Napa Valley Naturals (oils and vinegars)

  • Sciabica (oils and vinegars)

  • Feridies (nuts and snack mixes)

  • Vintage Wine Estates (oils and vinegars)

  • Portlandia Foods (mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire)

  • Fran’s (dessert sauces)

  • Misty Meadows (jams and spreads made in Oregon)

  • Bruno’s (peppers and stuffed olives)

  • Pepper Creek Farms (sugars and glitters)

  • India Tree (sugars and spices)

  • Maldon Salt (flaked salt and smoked salt)

  • Jacobsen Salt Company (salts)

  • Salinity Salt Company (flavored salts made in Oregon)

  • Dean & Jacobs (spice blends)

  • Ssmith Hot Pepper Sensations (many flavors)

  • Heavenly Fire Salsa (made in Southern Oregon)

We also carry a few different bottles of salts and peppercorns, saffron threads, and an incredible selection of regular and decaf teas from The Republic of Tea.