Gadgets & Accessories

Gadgets & Accessories

Gadgets and accessories might just be the funnest things to browse for in our store. MANY of our over 17,000 items fall in to the “accessories” category. You can imagine how often we get to say “we have just the thing for that”!

Our selection is based on reliability and customer satisfaction. We attend trade shows regularly to help stay on top of what is new and trending. The selection in our store reflects a mix of what we have found to be ‘old favorites’ as well as items with newer technological advances.

We have a wall at least 20 feet long filled with gadgets to make your cooking easier—or at least more interesting and fun. Some of the more common gadgets are can openers, jar openers, garlic presses, juice squeezers, corn holders, veggie brushes, and peelers. We have such a selection of all of those items—you’d be astonished.

We also have a pickle picker, berry stem pullers, slicers for apples, mangos, and pineapples, a watermelon knife (more than one), keepers for onions, tomatoes, citrus, and avocados, garnish tools, produce bags, nutcrackers, oil pourers, steamers, ricers, and spinners.

There are egg poachers, pierces, and separators, mushroom and tomato slicers, funnels (of all shapes and sizes and materials), bottles, sprayers, and shakers.

We have bench scrapers, potato nails, lid punches, pepper corers, kale strippers, and Brussels sprout cleaners. How about zesters for citrus and graters for cheese, chocolate, and nutmeg?

When you are ready to do a little cleaning, we have a large selection of sponges, scrubbers, scrapers, and brushes as well as dishcloths and dish towels, Swedish dishcloths, and natural sponges that plump up in water. We have scrub brushes, dish brushes, and bottle brushes, and even tiny brushes for your reusable straws!

Needless to say, we have A LOT of gadgets to meet your needs.