We get so many calls asking if we sharpen knives. Well…great news…we don’t sharpen knives but we DO facilitate a service by which you can get your knives (and scissors) sharpened.

Many of you many know our long-time employee, Becky. But you might not know that Becky’s husband, Bruce, has been a maker of knives for a number of years. Rarely do we see Bruce without a custom-made knife attached to his belt (custom-made by him!).

He is highly qualified to sharpen your knives. It’s super easy to get it taken care of. All you have to do is bring in your knives (we suggest wrapping them in a towel or a stout paper bag), drop them off (one of our employees will complete the paperwork for you, and come pick them up after you get our call that they are ready.

A little more that happens–we call Bruce and let him know we have knives here for him to pickup, he takes them home and sharpens them, he drops the back with us with an invoice, we call you to let you know they are ready. Because we only facilitate the transaction, it is CASH ONLY–no credit/debit cards, no checks, no cookies. You can see below that the cost of having a nicely sharpened knife is very reasonable.

In between sharpening, you should hone your blades on a regular basis; probably more regular than you would think. Essentially, if you USE your blades, you should HONE your blades. We have several honing methods for sale for all different types and styles of blade.

A quick Knife 101 lesson:

Honing is what you do to your blades on a regular basis, with use, and doesn’t remove steel from your blade; it just removes the ‘curl’ from the edge.

Sharpening is what you do when honing no longer works. It actually removes a bit of steel from your blade and gives a new edge. You should not sharpen your blade with every use.

Honing and sharpening stones (or steels) are two different things.



Prices show below.

Scissors are $5.00 for small and $7.00 for large.
For any serrated blades, add $1.00 to the fee based on the table below.

**Prices Subject To Change Without Notice**

Sharpening ONLY

3-4 inch  blade = $4.00
5-6 inch blade = $5.00
7-8 inch blade = $6.00
9-10 inch blade = $7.00
11-12 inch blade = $8.00

Sharpening & Repair

3-4 inch  blade = $5.00
5-6 inch blade = $6.00
7-8 inch blade = $7.00
9-10 inch blade = $8.00
11-12 inch blade = $9.00

NOTE: You do not need to print and complete the knife sharpening request form, but you can if you’d like; especially if you need some repair work and or need Bruce to know anything unusual about your blade.