Knives & utensils

Knives & Utensils

At The Kitchen Company, we have the largest selection of quality knives in the entire Rogue Valley. With our main knife case measuring at 4′ x 12′ and housing three full rows of knives hanging on magnetic knife bars, one can begin to image all their kitchen knife dreams fulfilled.

Our selection covers the entire range of knives from very inexpensive “picnic” knives to the highly coveted, hand-forged German, American, and Japanese knives from Wusthof, Shun, Lamson, and more.

Our latest great find is a brand called Ferrum made in the Willamette Valley using the finest steel for the blades and reclaimed hardwood for the handles.

Our utensil selection is nothing to be ashamed of either. We have nearly a full 40 feet of hanging space devoted to utensils of every kind not to mention two full tables full of spoons, spatulas, and handy specialty tools.

Our selection is based on reliability and customer satisfaction. We attend trade shows regularly to help stay on top of what is new and trending. The selection in our store reflects a mix of what we have found to be ‘old favorites’ as well as items with newer technological advances.


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Made In America

We offer two brands of knives that are made in America. Since opening our store in 2003 we have carried a large selection of forged knives made by Lamson & Goodnow Mfg Co. In 2019, we added the forged Reserve line by Ferrum–made right here in Oregon in the Willamette Valley.

By Lamson

Established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, in 1837, Lamson & Goodnow is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States.

For nearly two centuries, the name Lamson has been synonymous with the finest handcrafted cutlery available. A fusion of artistry and functionality, our knives and kitchen tools are masterfully created to offer an unrivaled, professional-quality product to expert chefs and home culinary enthusiasts alike.

Fire series – Forged to perfection and paired with beautiful and unique, triple-riveted acyrilic handles these knives make a bold statement in your kitchen with over 20 pieces to choose from.

Rosewood series – Featuring natural wood handles with strong grain patterns, the knives in the Rosewood Series are reminiscent of Lamson’s original products. But be warned: use or very sight may induce warm feelings of nostalgia that last a lifetime. We carry over 20 pieces to whet your appetite.

Silver series – Across the handle of each piece in Lamson’s sleek and refined Silver Series, mesmerizing patterns dance. Subtle, silver nickel rivets blend away for a streamlined look. Add to that each piece’s perfectly crafted blade of high-carbon stainless steel, and you’ve got a winning line of cutlery. We carry over 20 different pieces.

Walnut kitchen tools – In addition to our selection of forged knives by Lamson, we also carry a full line of traditional kitchen tools including spreaders, spatulas, turners, mashers, etc. The “Granny Fork” is of a design dating to the 1800’s.

By Ferrum

Ferrum is creating the perfect blend of modern metallurgy and artisan craftsmanship. American ingenuity is redefining quality cutlery.  Their modern forging techniques use powdered metals with greater purity and density. They have reinvented how knives are made, reducing waste and redefining performance. Beautiful knife handles are shaped from reclaimed hardwood. They take the time to use a special burnishing technique and oil rub to give them their luster finish.

We  have ten individual knives and one 2-piece set to choose from in their Reserve line.

Made In Germany

We offer three brands of knives that are made in Germany. Since opening our store in 2003, we have carried the largest selection of kitchen knives anywhere in the Rogue Valley. Our most popular line is by Wusthof. We also carry forged lines by Henckels and stamped and forged Messermeister knives that are German-made.

By Wusthof

Family owned for seven generations, Wusthof was founded in Solingen germany over 200 years ago. To this day, each knife is still expertly crafted in this legendary city.

We carry knives from the following collections:

  • Classic
  • Classic Ikon
  • Epicure
  • Grand Prix II
  • Pro
  • Gourmet

By Henckels

Way back in 1731 Peter Henckels had the idea to register the ZWILLING trademark with the Cutler’s Guild of Solingen, Germany. A brilliant idea because that makes ZWILLING one of the oldest brands in the world today.

You’ll find these lines in our store:

  • Pro
  • Pro-S
  • TWIN Four Star II

By Messermeister

Messermeister is a woman-owned, 4th generation German cutlery and kitchen accessory brand located in the heart of the Ojai Valley in California.

We carry the Park Plaza line. 

The Park Plaza knife collection represents the stamped version of Messermeister’s triple-rivet, full exposed tang German knife series. They are one piece, die-cut from a single billet of fine German 1.4116 stainless steel alloy and heat treated and cooled to achieve a Rockwell of 57-58. The three-step, 15° edge is hand stropped on a cloth wheel, creating the sharpest possible cutting surface on an edged tool. Park Plaza is assembled with over-sized industrial quality handles that are hand buffed to a seamless fit and finish

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Made In Japan


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