de Buyer Carbon Steel

de Buyer Carbon Steel

This article is part of our series on non-stick cookware.

Carbon steel pans have been a favorite of chefs all over the world and these pans have all those qualities that chefs love: durability, non-stick (after seasoning), and even heating. In fact, the pans will begin to look old and used and black over time but they get more and more seasoned and become more and more non-stick. Those who use them, swear by them. As non-stick pans go, the only real drawback is that they are on the heavier side compared to other non-stick pans on the market.

Carbon steel is a versatile material which is 99% iron and 1% carbon. This formulation makes these pans less brittle than full cast iron and allows for thinner construction. The thinner construction allows for faster heating but still retains the ability to maintain even heating.

The Kitchen Company carries the Mineral B line of fry pans and country pans by de Buyer. Mineral B pans are made in France. The de Buyer factory has been in operation since 1830, and mixes tradition and state-of-the art technology to create pots and pans that will literally last a life time. The pans are sold with a protective beeswax coating and are UN-seasoned; however, seasoning is easy and a non-stick coating good enough to scramble an egg can be achieved with just one round of seasoning.


¬†Watch this video by Cook’s Illustrated about an easy way to season a carbon steel pan.

For more information about use and care, visit their website HERE.


  • Made of carbon steel (99% iron, 1% carbon)
  • Oven save to 400F for ten minutes
  • Metal utensils okay
  • French brand made in France
  • Induction ready
  • Non-stick after seasoning
  • Surface heat up to 500F
  • Hand wash only